Select a background color from the drop down menus. Then match up text and link colors.
You can Increase or Decrease the RGB of each color to get just the right shade.
Use the form at the bottom to load a background to see how text and link colors work with it.
And or load an image to see how it does on selected background color.
Use the Color Grabber to ID the color in an image from your page for a background color then come back to this page and match up text and link colors.
Increase   Decrease Bgcolor RGB
+50 +10 +1   -1 -10 -50 Text  Red:
+50 +10 +1   -1 -10 -50 Link  Green:
+50 +10 +1   -1 -10 -50 Vlink  Blue:
 Text Color:
 Link Color:
 Vlink Color:
Load an image and or background.
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